Ma Faves: Lydia Evangeline

Ever since I stumbled upon YouTube duo Wayward Daughter doing a cover of ‘Bros’ by Wolf Alice, I have developed a love for Lydia Evangeline‘s voice. If you have been following my blogs I have previously mentioned my massive soft spot for soft and gentle female vocals that have a certain edge or rasp to them and Lydia’s voice is exceptional. Just a quick side … Continue reading Ma Faves: Lydia Evangeline

From Me 2 U: Marsicans

Here’s the second band recommendation ‘From Me 2 U’ this year. I am glad I’m keeping on top of this so far even though it is only once-a-month type of thing but STILL better than making zero attempts last year! Anyway, for the month of February I present you an upcoming band Marsicans! They have actually been sitting in my Spotify playlist for quite sometime … Continue reading From Me 2 U: Marsicans

From Me 2 U: Sunflower Bean

Happy 2018 everyone! It has been quite some time since my last post. I’m thinking about maybe posting monthly recommendations ‘From Me 2 U’ but no promises! For the month of January I shall be giving American rock band Sunflower Bean a wee shoutout! I have always had a massive soft spot for lead female vocals who offers a gentle and dreamy sound against the loud … Continue reading From Me 2 U: Sunflower Bean

Ma Faves: Sundara Karma

The ever-growing 4-piece indie band Sundara Karma from Reading have drawn a lot of attention since 2015 and now has over 2 million plays on Spotify and many sold out shows for their exciting upcoming UK tour in 2017. This band certainly brings the indie scene a refreshing yet nostalgic vibe with their recently released album “Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect.” The album … Continue reading Ma Faves: Sundara Karma