REVIEW: HONNE – no song without you

HONNE formed in London, UK is an electronic-soul duo who came out with their newest mixtape “no song without you” early this month. I initially found out about James and Andy through Spotify’s recommendation list which already speaks volumes because their jazzy and mellow music style is exactly right up my alley. Their previous album “Love Me / Love Me Not” released in 2018 caught my attention because of its super clean, soulful, and pop sounds especially the third track “Day 1 ◑” which I think is one of their most-loved song.

Now this newest album is quite different from the last one because of its much more stripped back and warm as opposed to the previous bright and vibrant vibe. I think this kind of simplistic arrangement style comes hand in hand with the many quarantine-albums we have received so far.

The first two tracks released before the album were “no song without you” and “la la la that’s how it goes”. Both are very laid-back songs which can be heard in Andy’s vocals. I must say both tracks sound very cute especially in the chorus of “la la la that’s how it goes”. There’s just something so innocent and youthful throughout that short repetition of la’s.

The overall sound of the album kinda gives me Rex Orange County vibes especially with track 9 “loving you is so easy” and track 12 “gone gone gone”. I think it is mostly because of the lazy vocal styles and jazzy chords that make them sound so similar but I do feel like HONNE has a sweeter and richer sound.

If you’re looking for some new music to listen to that is easily digestible, super chill, and uplifting then I’d recommend you to check out HONNE’s newest mixtape “no song without you”.

Just a lil reminder, take care of yourselves and stay safe!

KM x

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