REVIEW: MeLoveMeAlot – You Can’t Kill Me I’m Alive

Some of you may have heard of South Korean artist – MeLoveMeAlot – from her fashion designs including the Kentucky Fried Chicken x Crocs collab to her bold makeup styles on Instagram. The visual artist has already garnered over 1.3m followers on the platform showcasing her brave and creative designs for the street fashion brand “Skoot Apparel”.

But MLMA doesn’t just stop there. She recently released her newest single in May 2020 titled “You Can’t Kill Me I’m Alive” combining her love for visuals arts and electronic rap music together. This is not the first time she has dived into the music scene, in fact she’s been making music for a while now uploading various tracks on her SoundCloud page. However, it seems this is the first time she had put more time and resources for this single as she worked with well-known music producer KaiKai and illustrator Han Seung Hee, better known as Naked Cherry, to fully bring this project to life.

So what do I think of the track?

Overall it is a catchy and fun song that fully captures the dark, sinister, and creepy image of MLMA. We get a glimpse of her previous hip-hop and trap music throughout the verses where she raps in Korean breaking up the more mellow and melodic sounds in the chorus. For me this element is crucial because the rest of the song can get rather repetitive since the chorus is on loop especially towards the end of the track.

I think there is potential in MLMA’s Korean rapping skills as she tends to sound more powerful and confident in this area. I would like to see her incorporating more of this and the sounds of her older tracks on SoundCloud where she seemed to experiment and play about with lyrics and beats more.

Nevertheless this was clearly an exciting project for the artist as she recently revealed in her slow live version of the song that she had edited and produced the music video herself which took longer than expected.

Initially I was definitely more drawn to the visuals of the music video because the animation created by Naked Cherry is simply outstanding. After recently working with well-known figures such as Michelle Phan and Charli XCX, the illustrator has for sure gained many attention from online fans. Also this single probably had one of the most successful and funniest PR stunt I have seen in a while where the artist had joked about releasing an anime series of MLMA on Netflix and many well for it.

After MLMA receiving mass attention in the media for her fashion and makeup creativity it is nice to see her diving into music to also further express herself as well as her brand. Although this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I do admire her ability to be so bold and expressive with her art.

Check out the music video here:

Just a little reminder, take care of yourselves and stay safe!

KM x

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