K-Drama Inspired Outfit found on YesStyle (Summer Edition)

Ever since I fell back into my habit of binge-watching Korean dramas, I can’t help but notice the outfits worn by the the lead actors. Often with popular K-dramas, they usually never fail in setting the latest trends whether that is fashion, music, or tourist destinations. The likes of the second highest-rated drama in Korean TV history “Crash Landing on You” starring Hyun-Bin and Ye-jin had many iconic scenes filmed in various locations in Switzerland. Now many itineraries can be found online for fans to relive the drama either virtually or physically.

This year the K-drama on Netflix called “The King: Eternal Monarch” is already in the spotlight for its interesting and iconic fashion choices. One that really resonates with me is detective Jung Tae-Eul’s Casual Chic Look which is what I will try to recreate today with some clothing items that I purchased from YesStyle.

  1. Chic Trench Coat

The reoccurring theme to Tae-Eul’s outfits throughout the drama is her iconic trench coats which ties in perfectly with her role as a detective. For those who may have also watched the drama will remember the scene when Lee Gon had prepared several racks of outfits for Tae-Eul to choose from and they were basically all trench coats but in different shades of brown which I found to be quite humorous.

This trench coat featured below that I found on YesStyle gives off a similar vibe to the ones worn by Tae-Eul on-screen. It goes down to about the knee and it is slightly oversized giving off a more casual and slouchy look. The great thing about this is that it can be easily dressed up or down depending on the outfit that is worn underneath.

However, I had an issue with the length of the belt because when it is untied it is way too long and can be quite bothersome when walking around. After watching a couple of K-dramas I learnt a good way to prevent this is to tie the belt into a nice bow at the back as shown below. It helps to keep the overall outfit looking tidy and well-put together.

  1. Smart Casual Shirt

As this is a summer edition of Tae-Eul’s outfit, I want to incorporate some light and breezy shirts that would compliment well with the trench coat as well as keeping in theme with the casual chic look. This dotted shirt is exactly what I was looking for.

When it comes to Korean fashion, I have always been inspired by the minimalistic and monochrome style consisting of a beige palette. This dotted shirt may appear to be quite plain and simple but the structured collar pairs perfectly with the trench coat creating a very smart but yet clean and casual look. It can also be worn with just a pair of denim jeans making it the ultimate summer outfit plus the shirt is slightly cropped providing a nice shape to the body.

  1. Printed T-shirt

When it comes to Jung Tae-Eul we cannot neglect her baggy t-shirts and hoodies underneath her oversized coats. Not only does this printed t-shirt goes well with the colour scheme that we are going for, its ragged detailing on the neckline helps to dress down the trench coat making it perfect for every-day wear.

Unlike the previous shirt, this one is quite oversized so it can be worn on its own semi-tucked into either jeans or culottes making another summer staple in your wardrobe.

  1. Printed Blouse

This final piece of item is a personal recommendation. Although Tae-Eul would probably not wear something like this, I feel like it would pair well with the star of the show – the trench coat. When it comes to my outfits I sometimes like to play around with patterns and textures and I think the contrast between the plain beige trench coat and the printed blouse compliments each other quite well.

This blouse has a boxy and over-sized fit which reminds me a lot of the Korean fashion style which I previously mentioned. These type of shirts are quite unique in my opinions in terms of the print whilst still being nice quality and affordable. If this is something you’re interested in, there are many like this that can be found on YesStyle!

When shopping on YesStyle, you can use reward code ‘YOITSKMLY‘ for extra discount off on your orders!

I hope you enjoyed reading my first fashion blogpost on here! I plan on doing a YesStyle haul soon so if you are interested please like or comment on this post to let me know.

Just a little reminder, please take care of yourselves and stay safe.

KM x

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