From Me 2 U: Fatherson

WRITER’S block is a thing. According to Wikipedia the definition of a writer’s block is when “an author loses the ability to produce new work, or experiences a creative slowdown.” However Urban Dictionary offers a different understanding of this term: “a consoling phrase to get sympathy from others, who actually don’t give a heck about your editor’s deadlines.” I relate to both to be honest.

In all seriousness I’ve been struggling to find new quirky bands to rave about and when the whole meaning behind this series is meant to be about that, I kinda lose motivation to keep it up. But there’s always new music coming out and when it is not only new but also GOOD, why not write about it?

So for the month of August I present to you… Fatherson! The three-piece Scottish band consists of Ross Leighton, Marc Strain and Greg Walkinshaw. They have always been one of my faves – from their soulful ballads ‘Joanna’ to proper jams like ‘I Like Not Knowing’, they’re a stable in my indie playlist. I saw them play at the Barrowland for the first time in 2016 and I’ve got to say they are one of the best bands live.


Fatherson is set to release a new album this September called ‘Sum of All Your Parts‘. From hearing the two new singles they have already put out, it seems like this one will a good switch from their previous album and I am looking forward to hearing the finish product.


Making Waves‘ was the first single released late June this year. I fell in love with this song immediately, it suits lead vocalist Ross Leighton’s voice so well. Ross’ voice has always been soulful and full of passion that is why I think the band can pull off ballads as well as alternative rock so well. This might be my favourite one from the album but we will have to see.

Listen here: Fatherson – Making Waves

Now the next single surprised me. ‘Charm School‘ was released earlier on this month and it wasn’t something I have heard from the band before. I’d say it is a lot more aggressive and forceful compared to some of their old stuff so I was taken back to say the least. However the more I listened to it, the more I jam to it. Something about the Scottish accent just works. I can’t help but imagine how good this would be live and the anger behind the song kinda hits home.

Listen here: Fatherson – Charm School

I can sense that the band is dipping their toes in the water and trying something new which I think will definitely be worth it. These new sounds revamp the band’s image and whilst they were already super talented and diverse in their style of music, this adds another layer onto the band making them stand out even more among all these local bands.

Fatherson will be going on a UK/Europe tour starting from October and I’ve already bought tickets to their Glasgow gig. If there’s a band that you’ve to experience top quality music LIVE, it is them – trust me.

Check out their tix here: 

Also this is one of my favourite videos of them ever, the acoustics of  the song alongside Òran Mór is so pretty I could cry:



From me to you,

K M x

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