From Me 2 U: Orla Gartland

THIS month’s recommendation is a tad late but better late than never right? In the past few months including July has been a time of self-reflection and a lot of self-care for me. Perhaps I was a little too kind to myself and left this post to almost the end of the month (mostly just because I failed to find a lot of new music to share…) but I promise this will be a good one!

You know when you’re at a live gig and of course you are there to see the main act but there is always a dark knight in the band that you simply cannot take your eyes off of. Whether it is the drummer, guitarist, bassist or even the xylophonist, they just have an enticing aura around them. Well for the month of July I present to you, Orla Gartland!!!!


I was first introduced to Orla when I saw her playing guitar and backing vocals for Dodie on tour. Orla stood out for me immediately because her stage presence is just so quirky and fun which I adore. Like I’ve previously mentioned I’ve got a soft spot for female musicians who plays guitar and have soft vocals so for me Orla instantly became one to look out for.


Little do I know the Irish singer/songwriter has already made a name for herself in the music scene. Her YouTube channel has received over 11.5 million views and she released her debut single “Devil on my Shoulder” in 2012. Orla went on her first headline tour in 2013, selling out FIVE dates across the UK. A part of me is a bit gutted that I missed out on this journey with Orla but I’m sure there is more to come in the future!

Starting from her most recent single ‘I Go Crazy‘ which was released earlier on this year Orla is more than ready to come back with a bang. The pop and passion-filled track is one that will stick in your head for days. What I love about this song is the simplicity of the composition, stripped back with only the drums, guitar, bass and some harmonies. Alongside Orla’s lyrics, it captures every word and emotion perfectly.


This is my favourite part:

Oh, won’t somebody hold me and tell me it’ll all work out
Say that there’s nothing to worry about now
‘Cause I’m so sick of the drama and I hate to shout
But you drag it out of me

Not to mention the visuals of the music video is so creative and illustrates the meaning of the song in the best way possible.

Have a listen to the track here:

There’s just something about Orla’s quirkness that I think works so well for her. There’s no limitations with her creativity from the way she carries herself on stage to the lyrics written on a piece of paper, it is what makes her different and stands out from the rest.


From me to you,

K M x

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