From Me 2 U: Dancing On Tables

JUNE is the month for alt-pop Scottish band, Dancing On Tables! The Scottish band from Dunfermline consisits of five members: Robbie, Callum, Hamish, Gregor and Michael. Just recently they released a new EP called ‘Space Race’ and I adore every single track on it!

1. Body – Dancing On Tables


Body‘ is definitely the song I always chose to play when introducing this band to someone because perfectly shows what they are all about . I have to admit this is one of my favourites by them. It is fun, super funky but still captures the rock vibe really well.

The first ten seconds of the song is just pure percussion which is quite unique, making them stand out over any other local bands that I have heard of so far. Followed by the chorus which is a lot louder involving all the different instruments particularly the electric guitars and heavy bass which lets me know not only can this band be quirky and fun, they also have an alternative side to them that is perhaps quite rebellious! ITS A BOP!

Listen below:

2.  OH – Dancing On Tables


OH‘ is a melodic track consisting of harmonies from lead singers Robbie McSkimming and Callum Thomas! This one is a lot softer than the previous track. The synth sound in the beginning sets the mellow mood of the song in which the drums slowly builds up towards the chorus bringing colour back into the track. This is such a beautiful song with beautiful lyrics about the longing desires of a relationship. Although the message is quite sad, the ‘quietness’ of the song is rather comforting and peaceful. Also the fade in the end just leaves me wanting to play it over and over again.

Listen here:

Artist Fraser Robertson created an artwork expressing his interpretation of this song and I think it is honestly so beautiful, please read about it here:

This band offers the Scottish music scene something that we don’t usually get. I personally really like ‘dreamy’, ‘airy’, ‘chill’ – you get the idea – sort of sounds. More than often these sounds are found in American bands like No Vacation, Sunbathers or HUNNY. So for me to finally finding this sound in a local band, is just so cool!

Check out Dancing On Tables’ latest EP ‘Space Race’ here:

Also the band will be playing at Broadcast, Glasgow on Thursday 12 July and it will be FREE ENTRY, so if interested this is the perfect opportunity to get to know the band!

They will also be playing in other festivals in the UK over the summer:


From me to you,

K M x

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