From Me 2 U: No Vacation

FOR the month of May, I present to you American dreamy-pop band: No Vacation! The band started off in 2015 and went on a long hiatus but are now back consisting of four members: Sabrina Mai, Marisa Saunders, Nat Lee, and Harrison Spencer.


What initially caught my eye about this band was their artwork. They are very creative and artistic with what art they chose to represent their music and I think it fits perfectly with their ‘nostalgic bedroom-pop’ vibe. Especially for me, I’m quite a visual person when it comes to things like music, books and film, so I was already drawn to the band when they first popped up on my Spotify discovery playlist!

1. Yam Yam – No Vacation

‘Yam Yam’ released in November 2017  was one of the very first song I heard from this band and it is also my favourite. The overall ambience of this song is super chill and soothing however the soft beats of the drums and guitar riffs in the background brings splashes of colour into the song making it relaxing yet a bit of a bop.

Lead singer Sabrina Mai’s voice sums up the whole vibe of the band. Her breathy soft vocals gives off a laid-back and mellow feel. Therefore this accompanying the lovely sounds of the instruments, make their music very easy to listen to because of their unique and colourful sound.

Also this is my most favourite artwork from them. It’s just so simple but very cute and fits the song so well.

Listen below:

2. Lovefool – No Vacation

I think ‘Lovefool‘ is the song you put on then sit back, eyes-closed and unwind. This one is quite short but I can play it on repeat over and over again because not only is the guitar runs super catchy but its such a cute song that I don’t ever want it to end.

This song is definitely short but sweet as the lyrics speaks so much already that you don’t need much to really connect to it.

‘Nostalgia has me feeling bittersweet
Reminiscing on the days things were easy’

These are my favourite lines in the song as not only does it represent the band’s style perfectly, it speaks to any sort of relationships in life – not only romantic ones. At least that is what I take from it and this is the reason why this song stood out to me and why I can resonate so much to it.

Listen below:

I do hope No Vacation will tour the UK sometime soon! From watching their live performances, the overall style and music of the band is just so appealing and I am always up for a chilled gig!

Not to mention this is the very first time I have seen an Asian lead female singer in an indie band so it makes me even more happy and excited to follow this band’s journey and watch them grow!

However, the band will be touring around the US supporting Sales during July/August so check out their dates and tickets here:


Here’s a little feature of some of the band’s artwork!<3

From me to you,

K M x

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