The Return of the Bull Man!

A few years ago, Red Bull launched its very own version of the milk float called ‘The Bull Man. This year it has landed in Glasgow and is ready to help students through the most stressful time of year. Instead of cartons of milk in the morning there could be some amazing cans of tasty and energy-fuelled drinks waiting outside your door!

These caffeinated drinks will come in FOUR different flavours including:

Red Bull Energy

Red Bull Sugarfree

Red Bull Orange Edition Sugarfree

Red Bull Tropical Edition Sugarfree

Not only will they keep you energised during those overnight stays at the library, it will also tingle your taste-buds and help you feel more refreshed throughout your intensive study time!

The Bull Man has already made a stop at Murano Student Halls on Thursday night to deliver an envelope. Inside there you will find a flat-pack carton (just like the one in the picture above!) in which students can easily set up and put outside their door then the Red Bull crew will come back next morning and filled it up with cans!

If you’re lucky and receive this magical envelope, simply follow the simple steps on the pack and you are on your way to get free cans of these fizzy goodness!

Don’t worry if the Bull Man has yet to visit your door because he will be going around student accommodations in Glasgow this Monday AND Tuesday!

Comment below with your location in Glasgow and we could be coming to you soon…



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