From Me 2 U: Matt Maltese

After spending almost everyday hitting my ‘Discover’ playlist on Spotify, I have failed to find many new music for myself to write about this month. So I decided to present to you someone a little bit different from the indie bands I tend to go for on my blog. For the month of April I give you, Matt Maltese!

MATT Maltese is a solo singer-songwriter from Reading, England. What I think makes this twenty year-old musician so special are his songs. They convey hard hitting subjects like love and politics very well which makes his sound super nostalgic but yet modern.

Despite his young age, his voice is very rich and mature like a good ol’ bottle of wine. Although the subjects of his songs are heavily emotional and serious, Maltese doesn’t allow this to overwhelm the listener as his voice is quite mellow and laid-back letting the lyrics paint the colours itself. You can however still hear hints of emotions; sadness, grieve and anger.


One of my favourites of Matt’s is ‘Even If It’s a Lie‘. This is a love song written about his longing desire for love. It is a very simple song in terms of how it is musically composed with only the piano and Matt’s voice.

However the lyrics are so emotionally involved that it gives me chills every time I listen to it. It is just so raw and without much guidance I can already feel the pain he felt when he wrote the song.

This track was actually just a demo Matt had uploaded on his SoundCloud but the singer decided to keep it that way. It is definitely one of his most sentimental song so far, I think.

He said: “I definitely wasn’t ready to close the page on that song.

Listen below: Matt Maltese – Even If It’s a Lie

Matt self-proclaimed his music as ‘Brexit Pop‘ as his recent releases had been his personal response to the current political world.

No One Won The War‘ was released last year and this track speaks about the endless cycle of humans fighting against each other but in the end no one wins. The subject is indeed rather dark and pessimistic but Matt puts out a deeper message for humanity than just political conflicts.

Listen below: Matt Maltese – No One Won The War

Matt said: “We lovely humans seem to be on an eternal hamster wheel of conflict and reparation. And nobody wins. Not the people at the bottom or the people at the top.

That is what I admire most about Matt. He is not afraid to be vulnerable. This side of him allow listeners to connect with his music on a deeper level as his realistic lyrics is something we can all relate to in the real world. And this track does everything and that.


Matt will be on tour supporting Issac Gracie soon! Check out here to see if there are any tix left to catch this talent musician live: 

From me to you,

K M x

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