REVIEW: James Bay – Wild Love

LAST month James Bay released his new song Wild Love. The overall song has a chilled vibe and is electronic-synth based. I would almost classify it as ‘synth-pop’ that predominantly relies on technology which I think made it sound quite monotonic.

Bay’s voice sounded very different. The rawness of his voice that we once heard in his first album was no longer there but replaced by auto-tune and backing vocals. The rest of the song is quite simple and repetitive.

After Jame Bay’s amazing success with first album ‘Chaos and the Calm’, he returns this year with a completely different image – both looks and sound. We cannot deny the fact that Bay is known for his long hair, fedora hat and his red guitar but I have to admit this new style is actually quite refreshing.

However I do think one of the main reasons as to why his first debut album got so much attention was because of his raw, acoustic and folk-rock sound which made him different. (Bay managed to breakthrough with his song ‘Hold Back The River’ – which went Platinum in the UK.) You can only image how different his new song is compared to his previous album.

Now you may say I am being rather negative and yes I am! Although I was pretty shocked and disheartened when I initially heard ‘Wild Love’, the more I listen to it, the more I understand why Bay decided to release this song.

In a recent interview with Billboard Bay said: ‘I don’t know what’s coming next, so I have to give it my everything. I promise it will be brilliant. I boldly and confidently say that. I believe it.’

And I trust him. I strongly believe James Bay is an amazing and talented artist and he would never release music that isn’t up to his standard. I think the reason as to why I was so negative in the beginning was because this is a change – a massive change.

As a fan of his, this was a little difficult to take in as there was almost a feeling of ‘betrayal’. However I think because it is like a 360 degree flip from whom he was a few years ago, some may reject this idea of change but it might turn into something good!

To be honest I cannot deny there is a hint of soul and good beat to this song that will grow on you the more you listen to it. Bay’s voice is deep and rich, although it may sound quite electronic and robotic, you can still hear the sincerity he is trying to put across to his fans.

Check out ‘Wild Love’ music video below:

Once Bay releases his new album I’m sure the puzzle will come together then we will see the beauty of this change Bay is striving for.

Acoustic version of ‘Wild Love’here:

So I think everyone should give this song a chance and don’t judge too quickly because in all honesty this is actually quite a decent song compared to others in the charts.

K M x

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