From Me 2 U: King No-One

I think it is time to get back onto the music side of things! For the month of March I present you Yorkshire indie rock band, King No-One!

KING No-One is not your typical hippie indie band but they have a rougher and edgier character which lets me know they are not solely indie but a definite mix of indie and rock.

Lead singer Zach Lount’s voice for sure brings out the rock side of the band. There is a laid-back, careless-like sound to his voice but it is also well-projected giving a grungy but refreshing vibe to the band. Considering they are fairly new in the indie scene I definitely feel like their sound is a lot more professional, well-rehearsed and neat compared to other rookies! This is why King No-One caught my attention and made me want to listen more.


My favourite song of theirs have to be ‘Alcatraz‘! The song was released in 2016 and it is a fun song to listen to since it is so upbeat and catchy. Something that I found quite unique about this number was that it has a sensual feel to it. Especially the bridge of the song when Zach repeats: ‘Set me free, my heart’s in Alcatraz,’ and holds the high note at the end for over 6 seconds left me speechless. Definitely something I have not heard of before from an indie rock band and it sounds SO good! The overall song is very smooth and well-written with strong vocals which is why I think it is their most played song on Spotify.

Listen Below: King No-One – Alcatraz (The music video is soooo funky, I love it!)

The next song I also like a lot is more chilled and tamed – ‘Two Island‘. For the past two weeks I had to take a two 14-hour flights so I decided to create a Spotify playlist that I could listen to on the plane. I looked for mellow tunes that will help me sleep and this song saved my life. It is so gentle and the lyrics are so nice to listen to. There is nothing not to like when it comes to lil’ bit of stripped back electric guitar riffs!

Listen Below: King No-One – Two Island

So GOOD NEWS! King No-One is going on a UK tour starting in March and their first stop is Glasgow, Scotland @ Oran Mor! Not to mention this band has extremely good experience with busking so their live gigs will be filled with so much energy!


‘No one is king. We are all born equal.’ – King No-One

Get tix here:

Do check them out because this band is awesome!

From me to you,

K M x

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