Red Bull – CYMI: Endless Loch

WHEN I first got introduced to Red Bull’s ‘Can You Make It?’ competition I was hoping to see participants from our university! Well… here I present to you Endless Loch from University of Strathclyde! The team consists of three best friends – Jack, Kieran and Harvey – fighting for their place in the competition.

According to Red Bull’s CYMI website Endless Loch are ‘a group of Scots who traveled the US coast to coast last year and are eager to discover Europe.’

Check out Endless Loch’s submission below:

The team decided to go with the theme of Zoey 101 for their video. It starts with the three boys getting through university life as an individual but ends up finding each other and becoming friends! I thought this was a very smart way to show off each of their interests, hobbies and skills whilst filming them working as a team. This is exactly what Red Bull hoped for their contestants to be like – adventurous and creative!

Not only is the team bold and brave, they also have a humorous side which can be seen in their video and the picture above in which they created themselves. We cannot deny that following Endless Loch’s journey throughout Europe will be extremely entertaining and fun to watch!

Therefore it is no surprise when I found out Endless Loch are currently in 3rd place in the UK and first in Scotland resulting them as one of the finalists in the competition! Unfortunately the public vote is now over but we can still show our support for the team on any social media platforms because we want to see them make their way to Amsterdam whilst representing the University of Strathclyde!

Currently it is up to a panel of judges to choose 200 student teams from 60+ countries around the world to use only Red Bulls as currency throughout their adventure to Amsterdam!

The official winners will soon be revealed on 6 March 2018.

Remember to keep update to date and here’s hoping that Endless Loch make the cut!

Just like Red Bull said: ‘It is a journey of charm and strategy that poses one question: CAN YOU MAKE IT?

Take a look at the other finalists here:


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