Red Bull – Can You Make It?

CAN you make it? Have you ever asked yourself – what if we don’t use money as a form of currency? Well Red Bull’s campaign ‘Can You Make It?’ answers your question!

The campaign ‘Can You Make It?’ by Red Bull challenge students from all over the world to use Red Bull as a form of currency instead of money. Using these cans to make their way to Amsterdam in one week! The campaign has already set off this year, taking in applications from all over the globe.

Red Bull said ‘this is NOT a race’ but an ‘adventure’ for participants!

With the rising trend of students taking interest in becoming vloggers or YouTubers on the web. Red Bull takes this chance to encourage students to record their journey whilst using Red Bull as their only currency to seek shelter, food and transport until they reach their finish line – Amsterdam!

‘Can you trade a Red Bull for a plane ticket?’ – Red Bull

Red Bull Student Brand Manager Ellis Thompson said: ‘Not having access to the things we take for granted will force students to think outside the box and land them in situations that never would have taken place otherwise.’

The purpose of this competition is for students to document their exciting adventure by taking videos and photos on their smartphones whilst completing as many tasks on the Adventures List! Be as creative as you can be!

With the aid of social platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, the public can keep up-to-date with any of the teams’ adventure – everyone is in it for the ride whether you participate or not!

In order to compete in this race, applicants in a team of three friends must submit a minute-long video telling Red Bull why you want to enter this competition! There are no limits to this, in fact Red Bull urge you to show your daring and courageous side. That way you will enjoy and have most fun throughout your journey!

Check out the submission from last year’s winners – Team Feel Alive!

It is important to gather support from friends, family, colleagues and lecturers – anyone you know – because the first stage is down to the public’s vote. Then the winning teams will be chosen by a panel of judges.

On April 2018, the selected teams will then be flown to five Starting Points in Europe; Madrid, Budapest, Manchester, Stockholm and Rome. Students start the competition by giving up their cash, cards and phones in exchange for 24 cans of Red Bull and a smartphone with an unlimited data plan. They will be provided with more Red Bulls throughout this trip.

Thompson said: ‘ The Checkpoints will bring surprises and add to the adventure, and you’ll get to meet new people from different countries along the way!’

The winners will be rewarded with the grand prize which is still yet to be revealed by Red Bull.

HOWEVER, like I said, this is an amazing chance for students to use your creativity to your fullest and most importantly to have lots of fun because this is a once in a lifetime opportunity! 


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