Ma Faves: Lydia Evangeline

Ever since I stumbled upon YouTube duo Wayward Daughter doing a cover of ‘Bros’ by Wolf Alice, I have developed a love for Lydia Evangeline‘s voice. If you have been following my blogs I have previously mentioned my massive soft spot for soft and gentle female vocals that have a certain edge or rasp to them and Lydia’s voice is exceptional.

Just a quick side note, a few months ago I got the privilege to interview singer-songwriter Jake Issac from London (who is super talented btw!) and also attend his gig at King Tut’s Glasgow later the night. I stood at the far left corner and throughout the start of the gig I kept my eyes on his guitarist because she seemed so familiar! Then I realised it was Lydia and I was SHOOK. My heart squealed like a wee 15 year-old fangirl and that was probably one of the gigs I have enjoyed so far! 

From there on I knew Lydia is a multi-talented musician and once I got home I followed all her socials and I did not regret it.

When she announced her first SINGLE just after New Years, I was beyond excited. I already knew it was going to be good and definitely going to be one of my all-time played song on Spotify.  And I was right.

Lydia Evangeline released her first single, “Coldest Shadow” on 12 January 2018. The track immediately starts off with a strong beat and awesome electric guitar riffs getting fans ready to rock out with Lydia. This song is filled with both emotion and fire whilst is also a feel-good tune! My bf actually thought the song had a Paramore-esque vibe – that pop rock feel.

Lydia Evangeline - Coldest Shadow

Especially the chorus when she shouts: “YOU CAST THE COLDEST SHADOW!” I can already envision how awesome this would be live at her gig. There is so much power in the period of three minutes that it makes you forget everything but the message Lydia is putting out with her song.

Check out Lydia’s music video here:

Lydia said her main inspiration when writing this track was actually Jennifer Garner’s official divorce statement with Ben Affleck. The singer said it was so “poetic” that it became her drive to produce this song. Despite this being one of the less personal tracks of hers, she still resonates a lot with it!

Lydia cannot wait for people to listen to her future singles which will be released throughout 2018! Also look forward to her acoustic version of ‘Coldest Shadow’ soon!

Stay tuned everyone! ❤

K M x

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