From Me 2 U: Marsicans

Here’s the second band recommendation ‘From Me 2 U’ this year. I am glad I’m keeping on top of this so far even though it is only once-a-month type of thing but STILL better than making zero attempts last year!

Anyway, for the month of February I present you an upcoming band Marsicans! They have actually been sitting in my Spotify playlist for quite sometime now but seeing the band is going to go on their UK tour soon, this is the perfect timing to mention these four talented guys now.

THE indie-pop band brings a good-vibe but yet both musically and vocally intricate element into the UK indie scene. No one can talk about Marsicans without mentioning their harmony abilities. A song that really shows off this side of them is the titled-track of their album, released in 2016, called ‘Absence’. It is one of their most well-known song, just shows the public is appreciating what this band has to offer!

Listen Here: Marsicans – Absence 

Whenever I listen to Maricans’ music, I don’t feel anything else apart from joy, happiness and contentment – it is contagious. Their catchy rhythms, quirky sounds and the overall bright and pastel colour palette they have as their brand is so fascinating! One of their most recently released song ‘Too Good’ is for sure one of my favourites from them – bearing in mind I have a lot of favourites of them. This song is literally TOO GOOD.

Listen Here: Marsicans – Too Good

(Also can we talk about James and Oliver’s vocal in this?! BEAUTIFUL!)

Marsicans begins their 2018 UK tour on Tuesday 13 February starting at Lincoln! One of our local bands – Vistas – will be supporting Marsicans at their Glasgow show on Wednesday 7 March, you might just catch me there, can’t wait!

From me to you,

K M x

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