From Me 2 U: Hippo Campus

An American quartet indie band Hippo Campus brought their fresh tunes back to Glasgow this January. The band screams youth and excitement to me every time I listen to their tracks and they sure did not fail to disappoint me when I had attended their gig in Glasgow for the first time.

Firstly the ambiance at this gig was so lovely and fun! Lead singer Jake Luppen opened up their show with a few classic Scottish jokes erupting many laughter in the room. Despite the fact that the venue was rather small and dark, he certainly turned it into an intimate and enjoyable atmosphere for all. It is always pleasant to see a band who are not shy but are approachable like them young selves.

File 19-09-2017, 20 28 12

Secondly we cannot not mention Hippo Campus when talking about catchy beats. As soon as Jake played the guitar riff to one of their classic ‘Sophie So’ the crowd went wild and started dancing to the fun beats of the song. It was so good that the crowd shouted for it to be played again!

My personal favourite was ‘Suicide Saturday’. It is the tune that would always make me want to have a little dance to and one that would always lift up my mood therefore I have always wanted to experience this song live. And I did. Hence when lead guitarist Nathan Stocker played the guitar intro of the song a rush of excitement surged through me. The song has an incredibly simplistic but yet soulful and groovy vibe and it was amazing when the crowd started singing along with the band – it was exhilarating!

Give Hippo Campus a listen if you are into some chill but also dancey tunes.

From me to you x

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