Ma Faves: Sundara Karma

The ever-growing 4-piece indie band Sundara Karma from Reading have drawn a lot of attention since 2015 and now has over 2 million plays on Spotify and many sold out shows for their exciting upcoming UK tour in 2017.
This band certainly brings the indie scene a refreshing yet nostalgic vibe with their recently released album “Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect.” The album has a total of 12 tracks featuring some beautifully written tunes aiming to impress their current fans and more.


(Sundara Karma supporting Nothing But Thieves @ O2 ABC 07/04/2016)

One of the most distinctive element about Sundara Karma are their lyrics. Every note played and word sung are both presented and received sincerely.

‘A Young Understanding’, the repeat of “reach for a sign, reach for an understanding,” hits right in the heart and brings the passion out of the aspiring teens jumping and dancing at the bands’ live gigs.

‘Be Nobody’ a mellow track compared to others in the album speaks the loudest. “All the kids are ravers ’cause the church is now the club.” This lyrical line instantly grabs the attention of the youths but the beautiful and poetic lyrics truly reflects on the band’s name as Sundara is derived from Sanskrit meaning lovely and noble.

The band does not only bring out good music, they set the bar high in the indie scene with their though-out dazzling image. As an indie band they sure do stand out from others with their charming looks and snazzy vintage shirts on stage. No one ever leaves a Sundara Karma gig without being drenched in sweat from dancing and singing along with lead singer Oscar whom never fails to heat up the place with his passionate performing attitude and incredible vocals.

Sundara Karma are definitely ones to look out for in 2017. For those indie lovers, their music will no doubt give you an immediate rush of adrenaline to burst out some dance moves in your bedroom. Their tunes will for sure spice up your playlist. The band is aiming big this year as they will be supporting Two Door Cinema Club and kicking off with their first UK tour this year in Birmingham with four sold out shows already! Everyone’s’ eyes are laid on this band and are excited to see how much bigger they are going to get.

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